Reference Books used on Abram Project apart from the Bible and Quran
Abraham by Graham Feiler Traces Abraham through Jewish, Christian and islamic eyes seeking the common ground between them. Author, journalist and writer of several books on old Testament Bible themes and other subjects.
Sumarian Mythology by Samuel Noah Kramer

first published 1944 republished by forgotten books in 2007.

Author 1897 - 1990. Studied Oriental Studies at Pennsylvannia Univercity. Lifes work has been on recovery and restoration of Sumerian literature

Sumer and the Sumerians by Harriet Crawford
Visiting Professor in the Institute of Archaeology University of London. Research fellow at the Mcdonald Institute Cambridge
Mesopotamia The Invention of a city by Gwendolyn Leick
Anthropologist and Assyrianologist at the American International University in London. Lectures in Design Theory and History at Chelsea College of Art and design. Cultural guide in the middle east.
Abraham on Trial by Carol Delaney
Associate Professor in Cultural and Social Anthropology at Stanford University. Masters degree in Divinity from Harvard, and a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from Univercity of Chicago.
The Seed of Abraham: Jews and Arabs in Contact and Conflict by Raphael Patai

The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam: A New Edition (Princeton Classic Editions)"


Texts of Terror by Phyllis Trible
Literary femenist readings from Biblical narratives. Trible is Proffessor of Sacred Literature at Union Theological Semenary New York.