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Sample of music.

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Intro I hear your voice, I know your voice. …………….
A voice of awesome power.

Sample verses only

I have a dream of love profound, a song of joy to sing
of deepening light. of deepening light.

That knows n……o end
Is there an end
Can never end

I dream of hope, love, joy and peace, a God of love and power
A God of truth, almighty God.

Who has n……o end
Can never end
Who knows no end


I hear your voice I know your voice, a voice I love to hear
I’m waiting for, I’m longing for,

when yo……u appear.
Too see your face
when you appear.


Christian New testament type verses

I see the cross the living one, my sins my shame my life
Oh cruel despair, in deep despair.

That knows n……o end
In deep despair
Is there an end.

Sample music from Captain Correlli's Mandolin (Pelagias song) written by Stephen Warbeck and played by the London Philamonic Orchestra.

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