Musical themes and background.

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What could have really tempted Abram to ignore the call of the “Voice.”

What is it about these early civilisations that is so impressive. Is it the extent of its power spreading locally through modern Iraq and trading out to the east over the Zagros mountains and the Oxus river. To the north and modern Turkey and round the Mediterranean to modern Libya. Would the site of ships bring copper from the lands to the south of the gulf, precious stones, jewels and gold, make Abram think he was in the midst of a thriving wealthy society. Trading from India to Turkey, south and north, the ancient trade routes provided wealth and stability for the hub that controlled it.

Was it society itself that captivated the young Abram where law and writing began the age of historical record. Where there were god kings ruling, temple priests, councillors, rich merchants, military, lawyers, and as many trades as you could think of and an agricultural that provided an abundance of food. Where the honourable estate of marriage meant societies need to base itself on the family was first enshrined in law. Did the plush 2 story villas near the gulf when Ur was a port, influence an up and coming desire for wealth and advancement. Could Abram be tempted to compromise when the Voice began to speak of other things than the luxury of a modern vibrant way of living in 2000 BC.

Like us, all Abram had to do to survive and prosper would be to bend the knee and neck to the gods, pay his temple taxes and sacrifices, doff his cap to the god king, run a good business, drink and make merry at the feasts. And beyond that to be in comfort, IGNORE THE VOICE.

So I need to have music that expresses this grandeur. What would you chose!


Does this song help you to see feel and understand aspect of the life in Ur and what Abram may have experienced.

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