"Idol Seller....."

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Monkey god a new Idol

The cosmopolitan city of Ur whose inhabitants reached 65,000 at the height of its empire. Selling idols was the main function of the temple and its army of servants. Establishing the supremacy of any god they sort to promote who protected, cured, healed guaranteed crops and livelihoods.

New idols with new gods were the fashion. Life evolved around serving the gods. Everything was heading towards death the afterlife and the passage through the underworld. To acheive paradise. So an idol seller was a servant of destiny his wares treated with respect and awe.

Think of a seller with a stall full of monkeys ("creatures of the mystery between earth and the heavens"). This song just makes it a joyful experience "Ay Ay Ay, hugging up the big monkey man." I can see buyers hugging and waltzing around the market place hugging there new god, as the seller shouts his message to the punters

Does this song help you to see feel and understand aspect of the life in Ur and what Abram may have experienced.

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