"Just a laugh....."

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Around such a great empire there would always have been the scallywags the laugh a minute boys, who with youthful provocation would tackle the most absurd tasks.

This bit of fiction tries to put the human element into the story, which must have been there.

Fatherless children roaming in groups or gangs hiding from the authorities, doing the dares that were both risky and life threatening. Fatherless maybe because death came to the young rather early. Childbirth had its inherent dangers for the mothers, along with work, military adventures and temple prostitutes for the men, and the often likelihood of provisions running out for growing families.

I do not want to talk of child sacrifice, as there is no direct archaeological evidence in and around Ur that has been found, but in other places there has been found considerable evidence and the bible record does say that the early Mesopotamia people tried to pacify the god Moloch by passing their children through the fire. An abomination in the eyes of the Voice.

Bringing in a story of these youngsters enables the horror of the temple sacrificial system to be brought to light. It gives our fictional Abram another noble cause, and develops a reason to obey a loving giving God that the Voice has introduce Abram too.

So here we need a song that chuckles and laughs in the face of immense danger.

Does this song help you to see feel and understand aspect of the life in Ur and what Abram may have experienced.

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