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Mother of Abram. In our story she is the one that appears most convinced by the idols of Ur and has clearly left the belief in th stories that her forebears believed in the ONE True God. New tune a mixture from old and new.

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Some words and thoughts about this song.

Idol rich ..…. Idol poor

Uncertain friends, companions of life

Idol rich ….... Idol poor

Riches mine and Riches more

Idol love is I adore

Idol power is never sure

Worship evermore

Idol stone Idol clay

Idol wood, Idol say

Bless this crop , Bless the seed

Bless the men. Fulfil our need

Hair of Dog and paw of bear.

Golden share, silver’s best.

Faithful friends, companions of life

Stone and clay, wood, brass and iron.

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