"Rioters Lament."

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I have tried to write words seen from the mind of a rioter that treads the well known path of change, with God as the ultimate father. Maybe its poetry.

Verse 1 Doubt descending into chaos.
Verse 2 In chaos and destruction.
Verse 3. Someones love can reach him or her.
Verse 4. Reaching out for truth and life. (Implicit repentance, willing to face the consequences of law the courts judgement etc.)

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Verse 1
Is there a father God.
Don't say grace for the poor
Life to the hungry or power to the meek
Trust where has it gone
My eyes will flash like fire
Fear brings, doubt springs, harm wrecks again
Fear brings, doubt springs, harm wrecks again

Verse 2
My heart consumed with fire
torch them and make them pay
keep back the truth, damn them I cannot be
Now it is us or them
Now it is war again
Shaming, defeat, never can that be
Burnt soul, burning hate, never be free of hate

Verse 3
Sadness in mothers eyes
Pain in our eyes that hurts
Eyes that are windows of heart soul and mind
Can life be good again
Is there a future
Gang life, mothers care
Which will win my heart
Opor – tunity, can life begin again

Verse 4
Father to the fatherless
Grace to the poor in heart
Life to the hungry and power to the meek
Trust can I find it true
Is there a father there
Father, God, can I begin again
Father, God, can I begin again

Tune: Panis Angelica played by the the Latvian Philharmonic Orchestra

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