Sadness and death in a story.....

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In the time of Abram life was short a man of 40 years was old and for many reasons people died young. Married at 15 or 16, grandparents at 35.
So Abram is unique in age at least from the bible record.

In our story of Abram, it is the sadness round about him that captures the imagination. That sorrow of the emptiness of the sacrificial system, its vengeance on humanity, the callous way that every part of its worship was to satisfy a demonic, selfish, saturated, self obsessed, lump of wood or stone, a man made god. This lump that had no limits to its requests interpreted by the high priest or god king. Power was infinite, extreme and held by the few to dominate the many, only subdued by being conquered and led into slavery. In the main for 1700 years it was this empire (or city state) that did the enslaving. If everything was to be guided and controlled by the lump think what extremes were practised when drought or crop failure, tempest, storm or tragedy befell the population.

Its glory was also its downfall. Humanity suffered, and in the wisdom of God the story handed down through generations to become part of the Jewish scripture tells of a Voice that leads a man and some of his family into a better way, a renewed relationship with a God of love who intervenes and protects his children. A change so great from the normal in those days that it gives us comfort today that the Voice did intervene and bring in a new way. Then as now it is only human depravity that wrecks the purpose and plan of a loving creator.

A Jewish scholar * stated “Can we find the real Abram, the evidence of his existence, no, certainly not, but we do find overwhelming evidence of a cultural change from many gods to one God, which is clear in the history of humanity”.

In our story it is the swineherd that tells of the successes and failure of the system. He is sad, his life blighted by events and people not of his choosing, convinced of only one way out. To us suicide but to him reasonable, and maybe the best way out.

*A diplomat who studied this part of history all his life, looking for the evidence of Abram.


Does this song help you to see feel and understand aspect of the life in Ur and what Abram may have experienced.

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