Songs and words that I have enjoyed working on, and I hope make a contribution to Christian worship and thinking.

1. "Willing to ....".

This song was formed when I first heard of the work of the Street Pastors in Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard. It incorporates the essence of the prayer of St Ignatius Loyola (15th Century) in the second verse. The words capture the real strength of Christian service, and the music is from the "Merry Widows". Have a look >>

This is a work in progress and the music score will be available later.

Words and Music

2. A song for "Peace". Not the peace that the world gives but the peace that surpasses all our understanding and leaves us in awe of the power, presence and graciousness of God. This is the peace that needs to be grasped and held onto when the trials of life threaten to overwhelm us.

Peace for those (all humanity) who often face great or small difficulties, whose needs cannot be easily met. Where Gods peace alone can bring rest in the struggles, perils and difficulties of this life. I wrote this particularly for friends in Zimbabwe and Sudan that I worked with over the years. For those who work there now and others whose loved ones have paid the highest price of service in the lord (killed). Have a look >>

The music originally from "Gone with the wind" , Taras's theme, I have found in Richard Claydermans Love collection. Available on itunes

Words and Music

3. Tension in the garden of Gethsemane before calvary. The Lords Prayer (Johns gospel chapter 17). His high priestly prayer for us and all that would be gained by going through the agony of the cross. Set to the tune "Panis Angelicus" which is available on itunes. Some progress on music score but not completely available yet. Have a look >>

Words and Music

4. Ever felt a rebel. In the riots of 2011, I wrote this piece on the lament and repentance of a rioter. This can also be sung to the tune "Panis Angelicus". Is this sacrilege of a beautiful tune, or is there real depth in repentance under these circumstances that makes this worthy of such a loved and respected melody. Have a look >>

Words and Music

Comments: If you want to know more, are interested or musically like a challenge, contact me.